Happy New Year!

Hi. I’m Josh, and this is my site.

I’ve had this for a couple years and honestly it was mostly just used to track my collection while I was out and about. I have a spreadsheet on Google Docs but that ended up being such a pain to pull up on the fly that I found a website worked better. Not only that but when I would do trades with folks and they would ask what I have, it’s easier to just send a URL than to share a link in a Google Doc sometimes. So what you see here is my collection, for better or worse!

Am I really going for the complete collection of every game ever? Yep! You can check the FAQ for more information but the short of it is that I am in no hurry to do this. It’s a ridiculous goal, I fully acknowledge that, yet here we are! If you want to send me things to help with said obsession collection feel free to reach out!

In the meantime, I’ve started off the New Year with a great trade from my good friend Nate Hale! He bought a good supply of stuff from a friend of his closing their video game store and knowing that I have an obsession with cardboard and complete boxes, he sent me pictures of all these empty display boxes they had on the walls. So what you see below, (or you can watch the unboxing video on the Facebook page!) is part 1 of that trade with more on the way! Mostly boxes for systems I believe. Because yes, I am insane.

Welcome to the insanity!

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