Good God man, why? What the hell are you thinking?

This question is hard to sum up but I will do my best. I love video games but I also see them as a historical art form. I love seeing the progression of technology, how games (and their boxes/artwork) progress visually as well as functionally. I love to see finished games in their labor of love formats, even games like E.T. on the Atari which is notoriously known as a bad game (with which I disagree personally) but was done in only a couple days by one person. Everything from shovelware to triple A titles have a place in video game history. So it’s one part preservation, one part admiration, but I also like to play them. Some collect dust more than others but I do usually at least try every game I find at one point or another.


In general, refer to the following chart:

Q: Do you want [INSERT GAME/SYSTEM/ACCESSORY HERE] even though you already have it?

In addition to the above chart, it would have to meet some criteria. If it’s free then sure, I sometimes use duplicate stuff to trade for other games I don’t have. Otherwise my collecting style is such that I grab any game I don’t have regardless of condition (as long as it works) and upgrade later. So if it’s in better shape than the one I currently have in the collection, I very well may be interested!

Q: How can I send you free things because I’m an amazing example of a selfless human being?

Shoot me a message through the Facebook Page and let me know so I can get you the mailing address!

Q: I don’t have any games but I want to help in your most noble of quests. What else can I do, my liege?

Put the word out, share the page, things like that. If for some reason you want to shower me with all the wealth to just purchase games I need then you can click on the button below!

Do you really expect people to just give you stuff for free?

I don’t expect anything, but I have been given games by friends, coworkers, even strangers who have come to garage sales or I have gotten into conversations with in line at stores. The option is certainly there if someone wants to throw things at me but no, I don’t expect anything.

You don’t have [insert console here] under your collection list! What gives?

I don’t make a section in the collection if I don’t have games for that console. For example right now I have no Vita games (or a Vita actually) so you won’t see “Vita” under the “Sony” section because of that.